Ora Organic: Your'e a Knockout


  • Ora Organic: Your'e a Knockout
  • Ora Organic: Your'e a Knockout
  • Ora Organic: Your'e a Knockout

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A plant-based way to help promote your quality sleep.

Ingredient breakdown:

Passion flower helps facilitate your sleep by supporting mental and physical stress relief, helping to relieve anxiety, and encouraging a calm mood [1]. It does this by increasing an important neurotransmitter you have called GABA, which greatly influences your ability to relax.

Valerian root - this sleepy root produces valerenic acid, the compound responsible for maintaining those GABA levels we talked about earlier. Valerenic acid has been studied for its effect to improve the quality and length of sleep [2].

Lemon balm helps relax your nervous system. Studies show it increases levels of calmness, so it’s often used to promote healthy mood and cognitive function. When combined with Valerian root, lemon balm has been shown to encourage productive sleep [3].

Siberian ginseng has been shown to support your body in maintaining its homeostasis (hormonal balance). This is particularly important to help maintain an already healthy level of the stress hormone 'Cortisol' to encourage a good night's sleep. [4].

Magnesium helps you sleep well [5]. Ora Organic's magnesium comes in the form of magnesium citrate, which has been shown to be more readily absorbed by your body than other forms.

Tart cherries have been shown to promote your body's natural production of melatonin [6], which can lead to more, efficient sleep.

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